The IP Protocol is the most common for communication between computer networks and the Internet. Therefore, it is ideal for streaming a high-quality video through networking infrastructure. IP surveillance technology offers a high-tech flexible solution without compromising reliability or picture quality.

With Provision-ISR’s superior built quality, high picture resolution, advanced features and a wide product range, you will surely find your IP based surveillance system solution.

Cost-sensitive solutions.

Incredible night performance.

The largest series of cameras and installers preferred choice.

High resolution video stream with full connectivity alongside extraordinary night performance.

Designed for specific installation requirements.

High zoom potential 360° fast movement alongside auto tracking movement and long IR range.

15M IR Fixed Lens Dome

30M IR Vari-Focal Lens Bullet

40M IR Motorized Vari-Focal Lens Bullet

25M IR Vari-Focal Lens Vandal-Proof Dome.

40M IR Vari-Focal Lens Bullet

30M IR Fixed Lens Bullet

IR Vandal-Proof Fish Eye 6MP IP PoE Camera

150M IR PTZ X30

50M IR Optical Zoom x10 P/T



Full compatibility with 3rd party ONVIF devices

H.264 / H.265

Advanced video compression with minimum effect on video quality


Power the cameras through the same network cables used for data transmission


IP cameras offer not only the video but also advanced features such as audio, relays, SD card and advanced Analytics